« A higher profit margin, better efficiency and more satisfied fans in the stadium » – FC Groningen

Edwin Froma is Marketing Manager of FC Groningen and among other things responsible for the Ticketing department. The club has many loyal and involved supporters who follow their club closely. There is no FC Groningen without its supporters, that’s for sure. FC Groningen therefore has many ambitions when it comes to ticketing.

« We believe that there is still a lot of profit to be made in the ticketing domain, particularly in terms of being able to offer flexibility and efficiency of the underlying processes. » The club also sees many opportunities for the future in the areas of distribution, dynamic pricing, personalization and product development. « We strive for a perfect balance in revenue optimization and serving our supporters. This is based on a correct price for the tickets set against the experience we offer in the stadium, » Edwin Froma said.

« We ran into limitations »
In order to make further development possible and keep up with the latest trends, a solution had to be found. « Especially in the area of further development of the system, we ran into limitations, or the high costs, to be able to respond to the wishes and trends. We wanted a user-friendly platform in which supporters and sponsors could be self-reliant and in which there was continuous opportunity to respond to the latest trends. In this, especially in the area of product development and match packages, we see many opportunities. »

« A partner with a clear focus and where reliability and service are priority number one. »

Edwin Froma – Marketing manager of FC Groningen

A real partnership
« We immediately had a good feeling with Tymes4. A partner with a clear focus and where reliability and service are priority number one. But also the ambition to deliver a system and continuously develop it to conquer a large share of the market is very high. »

The migration
« The migration at FC Groningen by Tymes4 went very well. » Edwin says: « It is obviously a complex project where there are always some points that require extra attention, but the whole thing went very satisfactorily. Up to now we have not been able to use the platform completely because of the Coronavirus, but our sponsors are now completely self-sufficient. In that respect, it is also nice that we did not have to prepare any hardcards for this group. »

Together one goal
Edwin says that the collaboration between FC Groningen and Tymes4 is good and pleasant and they are working hard to further develop the platform. « Improvements, on the supporter, sponsor and employee sides, are central to this. A higher profit margin, better efficiency and more satisfied fans in the stadium are the common goals of FC Groningen and Tymes4. »


Intéressé par une collaboration ?

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