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With its ticketing platform Tymes4, Ormer ICT offers software as a service specifically aimed at the requirements of professional football organisations. It therefore considers it important that the platform is available to all professional clubs. Also the clubs that don’t have the capacity to set up the versatile ticketing software Tymes4 as they wish. Thanks to a partnership with Ticketpoint, smaller clubs can now also use all the great features that Tymes4 offers.

In Ticketpoint, Ormer ICT has found a partner that can unburden the club in the field of ticketing management. The complete configuration and set-up of Tymes4 is handled by the experienced consultants at Ticketpoint. Clubs don’t have to spend time on setting up matches or complex season ticket renewal processes, which saves them a lot of time and money. Another important advantage is that clubs no longer have to worry about issues such as knowledge assurance and continuity. Moreover, the service can be expanded and outsourcing of fan marketing and customer service are among the possibilities.    

FC Volendam is the first club to use the combined ticketing as a service and will soon switch to the Tymes4 ticketing platform.  

Marcel van Loon, Managing Director of Ticketpoint about the cooperation: « The outcome of this cooperation offers us the opportunity to share our decades of know-how with professional football clubs in an appropriate manner. For us, the art of ticketing is not so much selling a ticket itself. It is about the way in which it is done; using each system as effectively and efficiently as possible and then obtaining relevant insights to achieve growth and results in order to continuously improve the service level. We have built up this knowledge with the most beautiful and biggest events in our country. Now we want to offer clubs a helping hand in applying this knowledge and skills to their organisations. A win-win situation with the business, organisational club interests on the one hand and a stronger fan base on the other as the ultimate winners. That’s how it should always be. » 

Frank van Eijsden, COO of Ormer ICT Software Development, about this cooperation: « Those who know the Dutch football landscape, see the diversity in how clubs are organised and recognise that the needs for ticketing are very different. We had been wondering for some time how we could best help a wide range of clubs from a single organisation and platform. After we came into contact with Ticketpoint, there was the answer. The fact that we can provide this service together with one of the most experienced ticketing companies in the Netherlands is very special to us. This is really what you call ‘combining forces’.    

About Ticketpoint

Ticketpoint is one of the top three providers of concert, event and sports tickets in the Netherlands and organises ticket sales for more than 1,000 events every year. From Toppers in Concert to the ZAPP Sinterklaas party and from Jumping Amsterdam to Tilburg Trappers. With an in-house customer service team and its own marketing and PR agency, organisers are not only relieved of the burden of ticket sales, but can also be supported in the areas of marketing, PR and sales. For example, more than 280,000 Dutch people receive a Ticketpoint newsletter every month. 


Are you interested in cooperating?

Would you like to know more about our state-of-the-art ticketing platform, then I will be happy to get in contact with you! Also, if you enter the eco-system of a football club, as a supplier, I would be happy to meet you and exchange ideas.

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